Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rick Sanchez racist past?

We all remember The Forgotten man by Sean Rowe who was the first to report of Rick Sanchez's drunken manslaughter of a one Jeffery Smuzinick but what you didn't know will shock you.apparently some sources close to Rowe have cited that during the Sanchez arrest a drunken Sanchez was herd to say by one of the arresting officers " If this were the old days this never would have the days of slavery they didn't have these damn infernal things called cars.....we would have been a lot better off if slavery were still around and then that goddamn idiot would still be alive."while Mr Rowe has denied this report sources next to the court house say that some of the african american officers were extremely perturbed by the statement and were shocked that Mr Rowe did not include it in his earlier story.apparently sources close to the case claim that the smuzinick family wanted to bury the story and keep any mention of Sanchez to a bare minimum." so much for that" said a metro dade officer.

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